Maison Mèrenor is a fine vintage and estate jewelry atelier specializing in sourcing unique and highly collectible estate jewelry.

Owner and founder Amie Satchu, an educated collector and jewelry enthusiast, works with private clients to thoughtfully refine and expand on their collections. Every step of the experience is individualized to the client, be it sourcing a rare and collectable vintage treasure, a bespoke custom commission, modernizing a beloved family heirloom, or acquiring an exquisite piece from Mèrenor’s archival recreations collection - all is sourced and produced with the highest achievable quality of workmanship.

Amie’s refined eye for jewelry acquisition in the authentic luxury market has been honed over more than a decade. Her love of pursuing the finest ornaments lies in the history of each piece and the fascinating lives of the women who wore them. Mèrenor's eclectic library of vintage and estate jewelry is influenced by the architecture, art, fashion and richness of the world that came before us, which is inevitably imbued throughout each piece’s design.

Most inspired by the exuberant gems and bold designs of the 1960s, 70s and 80s, Amie scours the globe for vintage pieces from the great houses of Boucheron, David Webb, Bvlgari, Cartier and many others. Mèrenor's distinctive collection refreshingly aligns the modern woman with an understanding of craftsmanship, provenance, and a dynamic use of materials both ancient and new. Mèrenor's very name, an interpretation of Mother of Gold, reveals the respect, inspiration, and love of creation we seek in all wearable works of art.